Day 1: Barra Beach

You are met on arrival at Inhambane Airport and transferred to Barra Beach Club

With Inhambane being one of the oldest cities in Mozambique, the history it holds is magnificent. Inhambane, named “Land of the friendly people” by Vasco Da Gama, holds the perfect mixture of the Portuguese influence in the architechture and the local flare with its colourful fish and fruit markets. New revival is seen in this growing city whilst scars from the war are still evident on the older buildings. Experience this contrasting lively city and feels the essence of its past.   

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Day 2: Barra Beach

This coastline is home to two species of Dolphins, the much loved Bottlenose and the more elusive Humpback Dolphin. Unbelievably, this is the only place in the world where the legendary Smalleye Stingrays, which are the largest of all the sting rays, have been seen and photographed alive, a curious and friendly animal.

There are also have Leopard Sharks, White-tip and Grey reef sharks, and often Devil Rays and Ribbontails. The pelagic fish life is also spectacular with huge schools of Big-Eyed Jacks and Barracuda.

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Day 3: Barra Beach

The reefs are made up of a volcanic rock base and are covered in a variety of hard and soft corals. These not only provide a healthy splash of colour but are home to all the usual reef fish and our special small creatures. Rare and colourful Harlequin Shrimps. The incredibly powerful Peacock Mantis Shrimp. The transparent Periclemines Shrimp.

There are also Frogfish, Paperfish, Octopus, Squid, and big fish and big eels, and small fish and small eels. Actually, all that we have is innumerable and indescribable and you’ll just have to come and see it all for yourself!

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Day 4: Barra Beach

What makes the scuba diving here even more exciting is the extremely variable and unpredictable dive conditions. Some of the scuba diving here can be challenging depending on the conditions and there is more to offer the Advanced diver.

However, our more protected, shallower reefs offer a treasure trove of macro-life as well as a kaleidoscope of colourful reef fish and corals, and some of the bigger marine life such as Whalesharks, Manta Rays and Humpback Whales can sometimes be encountered just as easily on our ocean safaris

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Day 5: Barra Beach

The water temperature is lovely all year round from 29 degrees in the summer to 22 degrees in the winter and visibility can be up to 40 metres! Dropping to 9 metres when the plankton bloom.

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Day 6: Barra Beach


Whalesharks: The whalesharks visit the Inhambane area as a result of the concentration of plankton in the waters here. They can be seen in the area all year round. When they are here, they are predominantly at the surface feeding. Although we are lucky enough to encounter whale sharks on some dives, often times the best encounters can be snorkeling with them while they feed at the surface.

Humpback Whales: These amazing mammals pass us every year on their migratory route from mid June until October, during this time on almost every dive you will hear their haunting song, and boat rides to dives sites can take a little longer as you stop to watch them leaping and jumping with their babies or just gently cruising up or down the coast! It is the most awesome sight and a few divers have had the wonderful experience of seeing these beauties fly overhead while they were diving!

Manta Rays: The Inhambane area has the highest number of recorded Manta Rays in the world. Furthermore, this is one of the few places in the world where both species of Manta Ray can be seen on the same reef and even on the same dive! The Manta rays are here all year round but sightings can be affected by environmental conditions that are not seasonal. The best encounters with Manta Rays are on the reefs that they use as cleaning stations as they circle over diver’s heads.

Dolphins: We are lucky enough to have 2 different species of dolphins that are often seen here. The more common of the two is the lovable Bottle Nose Dolphin which can be seen in large family groups. We also have the rare and shy Indo Pacific Humpback dolphin. Dolphins are here year round and love to play in the boats bow wave, kids love them as do adults and if they are not busy or travelling too fast we will get in the water with them too.

Seahorses: don’t forget the small stuff! We have Seahorses in the lagoon, which is an awesome dive, the only thing we need is low tide and it doesn’t matter if that comes during the day or night, as night dives here are a very special experience. Make sure you bring your macro cameras and that your buoyancy is good!

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2 Dives Today

Day 7: Barra Beach

With such diverse landscape and friendly surroundings, the possibilities to explore this area are endless. Whether by foot or horse, kayak or quad bike, Blue Footprints sources a range of activities to submerge you in this wondrous environment.

Get on board a motorized 8 metre RIB, race through the waves and cruise gently along our beautiful coastline in search of the abundant marine life it holds. This two hour safari aims at getting you up close and personal with dolphins, whale sharks, Manta rays, turtles and Humbpack whales to see them thriving in their natural environment. If the moment is right and you are feeling up to it you could experience the chance of a lifetime, to be in the water and snorkel with these gentle, magnificent creatures.

Slowly and subtly and sneakily nestled in the thick green sea-grass of the Barra estuary lie the shy seahorses with their contrasting colours of yellow, brown and purple. A short walk on the estuary shores followed by a plunge into the fresh flowing water will soon get you a shy and charming glance from our seahorses – with their fluttering eye lashes and the way they look over their shoulder, your heart with melt instantly with these rare little creatures.

It is one thing to visit a country, it is another to truly experience it. Allow yourself the opportunity to meet with the locals, see their ways, discover their knowledge and share laughs in the grace of their lifestyle. This informative experience will have you eating, dancing and living like a true Mozambican in a magical moment.
The people of Inhambane are extremely friendly and hospitable. According to history and Legend, Vasco Da Gama made land-fall in Inhambane and referred to it as “terra de boa gente”, land of the friendly people. Apart from those employed in the tourism industry, most of the local population still lives a subsistence existence. We provide opportunities to experience this culture first hand.

On your kayak, steady yourself, paddle in hand and off you go. Gently stirring the still waters of the mangrove, you look up to the realization that it is only you, the invincible mangrove bush and its rivers of water systems running like veins, feeding this immense biodiversity with the life it holds. So alive and vibrant, the mangroves are an incredible jungle to the birds and first home of many of our oceans fish life, bringing a serenity you deserve on your holiday. This is a must for any bird enthusiast.

Feel free on four wheels as you see the layout of the land and wavingly pass the friendly villagers from Tofo to Barra and back. This guided quad bike tour is a great way to see it all and ask the questions on your way. Informative and fun, this two hour trip will have you rolling through the Mozambican scenes with a fresh understanding of the Mozambican ways.

With Inhambane being one of the oldest cities in Mozambique, the history it holds is magnificent. Inhambane, named “Land of the friendly people” by Vasco Da Gama, holds the perfect mixture of the Portuguese influence in the architechture and the local flare with its colourful fish and fruit markets. New revival is seen in this growing city whilst scars from the war are still evident on the older buildings. Experience this contrasting lively city and feels the essence of its past.

Trot long the white open sandy shores of Barra / Tofo beach, with the cool breeze in your hair and waves swooshing gracefully, rolling up and down its shell filled sand, singing that beachy jingle that leave s smile on your face as you suddenly realise you are on a horse, on the beach, in Mozambique – need I say more??

The Barra estuary runs vast, flowing high and low as the oceans tides turn. From the days of the Arabian traders, the wooden sailing dhow was left behind, useful now to the Mozambicans for fishing in the estuary, this marvel of patched sales and hand crafted wood, sails gently along the estuary’s waters, stopping off at the coconut covered Porkos Island, where local food, song and dance is shared, hosted by the island’s chief. The stillness of the calm waters and whispering of the Dhow’s sails brings a sense of ease as the rudder calmly guides this ancient vessel.

To top off the beauty of Mozambique and the luxury of Blue Footprints accommodation, lay yourself down for a soothing massage to enhance the releasing feeling of freedom of relaxation in Mozambique. In the comfort of your peaceful villa, with its breath – taking views, allow yourself to be further pampered at Blue Footprints Eco Lodge.

Whether or are a beginner or long time surfer, the warm Indian Ocean waters of Barra and Tofo have the perfect wave for you. Have your first surf lesson and experience the feeling of walking on water, or rent a board and play in the waves yourself. Feel like testing your already founded surf skills?..... Challenge one of the world’s top surf spots with a continuous right hand point break off the Tofhino point, or the thrill of dropping into that shivering clear blue barrel.

Responsible sports fishing is a great way to experience a thrilling ocean adventure on the bountiful Mozambican coast. Pelagic fish, such as Barracuda and Yellow fin tuna are vastly spread in the waters and with the alluring possibility of hooking a marlin, the fight out on the water will leave you ready to come home to Blue Footprints and relax, feet up.

‘If you want to go fast, walk alone, if you want to go far, walk together’. Blue Footprints is situated perfectly with Barra and Tofo bay on either side, allowing for the most relaxing stroll along the lush sand dunes and crystal clear waters. If you are feeling fresh and want to walk further walk any sand track or through the villages, up the dunes or into the mangroves and discover where the many tracks Mozambique may lead.

The Barra / Tofo region of Mozambique has become world-renowned for the large number of both Manta Rays and Whale sharks. Dr. Andrea Marshall has been conducting ground-breaking research on the Manta Rays in the region and is now considered to be the world’s foremost expert on Manta Rays. Dr. Simon Pierce is the lead scientist for Whale sharks in the area and most of the world’s recorded whale sharks have been identified here by Dr. Pierce and his team. By request, we can organize trips to the Whale Shark and Manta Research Centre on Monday and Wednesday evenings to find out about the latest research and information being learned about these magnificent creatures and the conversation efforts to protect them.

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Day 8: End of Itinerary

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