Day 1: Nairobi

Excursions in Nairobi will be dependent on your time of arrival and would be at additional cost

Nairobi Animal Orphanage NGONG HILLS

Expert tips

- The use of plastic bags is banned in Kenya

- Malaria Prophylaxis are recommended 


Nairobi City Tour

Day 2: Amboseli National Park

You will be met at your hotel this morning after breakfast by your driver and transferred to Wilson domestic airport for your scheduled flight to Amboseli

You are met on arrival and transferred to Tortilis Tented Camp

Enjoy a game drive this evening

Amboseli is also famous for its elephant herds, which have been followed and documented by world renowned researcher Cynthia Moss. Amboseli has some of the largest elephants in Africa, and the guides at Tortilis Camp know the individual elephants, their family history, and are able to get very close to the habituated herds.

Activities and Services

Game Drive

Day 3: Amboseli National Park

Today you have the option of a morning and afternoon game drives or enjoy any of the optional excursions  the camp has to offer

Much of Amboseli incorporates the dried up bed of a Pleistocene lake, with lush deep fresh water springs in the middle of the park a haven for hippos and birdlife and a playground for elephants. As well as plentiful plains game and their predators, the area hosts its own eastern white bearded wildebeest migration, a population that is genetically separate from the Masai Mara/Serengeti population.


Day 4: Meru National Park

This morning transfer to the air strip for your flight to Meru Airport where you are met on arrival and transferred to Elsja's Kopje.

Welcome to complete wilderness!

Brilliant on a magnificent scale, the Meru and Kora sister parks feature luxuriant jungle, coursing rivers, verdant swamp, khaki grasslands and gaunt termite cathedrals all under the sky’s great blue bowl.

Little visited and utterly unspoilt, few places are comparable to the remote and rugged atmosphere found here. Visitors can see Grevy's zebras, elephants, Bohor reedbucks, hartebeests, pythons, puff adders, cobras, buffalos and more than 427 recorded species of birds.

Enjoy an afternoon/evening excursion of your choice

Day 5: Meru National Park

A full day in Meru National Park - excursions of your choice

Mainly thorny bush land in the North, wooded grasslands in the West and open grassland elsewhere. Meru National Park also offer dense riverine forests of Doum and Raffia palm.


Day 6: Olare Motorogi Conservancy

Today you are transferred to the air strip for your flight to the Masai Mara and your next adventure.

You are met on arrival and transferred from the Olare air strip to Olare Mara Kempinski

Settle in to your lodge and soak up your surroundings, taking in the sights, sounds and smells.

Late afternoon excursion

A place unchanged by the passage of time, the Mara is essential Africa. Sometimes raw, always dramatic, this is a wilderness of evocative splendour and inspiring grandeur. 

Nowhere on earth can you find a wilderness so breathtakingly beautiful and yet so serenely pristine.


Masai Mara Masai Mara

Activities and Services

Game Drive

Day 7: Olare Motorogi Conservancy

A full day in the Masai Mara with optional excursions - Game drives and bush walks included

An ornithologists wonderland
For the ornithologist, the Mara ecosystem promises excitement indeed. Showcasing over 550 resident and migratory species, this unique region shelters an incredible array of both regionally and globally threatened birds. It is also the ONLY place in Kenya where you can spot the rare Schalow's turaco. On the plains you will see common ostrich, striding secretary birds, ground hornbills and bustards (kori, black-bellied and white-bellied). Amid the savannah grasslands look out for the hurrying flocks of helmeted guinea fowl. You’ll also see plenty of larks, crowned plovers and red-necked spur fowls. In riverine areas you can expect to see the distinctive black and white African fish eagle alongside, Egyptian geese, yellow-billed stork, sacred ibis and blacksmith plover. Finally, the skies above are patrolled by an amazing 53 species of raptors. Readily spotted will be the augur buzzard, the black-shouldered kites and the mighty bateleur eagle. Finally, this wilderness promises six species of vulture.

Activities and Services

Bush Walks

Day 8: Olare Motorogi Conservancy

Pack as much as you can in to your last day in this spectacular patch of paradise!

Quite apart from the cats, the Mara and its conservancies promise large herds of elephant, which move across the landscape in stately procession. You will also encounter plenty of buffalo, while the rivers literally abound with plump brown hippo. If you’re lucky, you might also see the hippo as they begin their nightly trek in search of grass – which can take them up to 10 kilometres from the riverbanks.

Elsewhere you can expect to see the distinctive Masai giraffe, the purple-brown topi, the long-faced Coke's hartebeest, and the leaping herds of Grant's and Thomson's gazelle. Great herds of Burchells zebra pound across the plains alongside darting impala, while in the undergrowth you’ll spot tiny pairs of Kirk's dik-dik. Other plains game includes bushbuck, waterbuck and red duiker. In the rivers there are huge Nile crocodile, while in the riverine forests you’ll come across monitor lizard, baboon, vervet, blue and red-tailed monkeys, nocturnal bush babies, and tree hyrax.


Activities and Services

Game Drives

Bush Walks

Day 9: End of Itinerary

You will be met on arrival at Wilson Airport and transferred to Nairobi International Airport for departure.

If you have an evening flight, you may like us to arrange excursions for you in and around Nairobi followed by dinner at the renowned Carnivore Restaurant before being transferred for your departure flight

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